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The clients of this project were a young couple who considered themselves plant parents and their indoor plants were a special part of this project. The client wanted to re-design her open plan kitchen and livingroom but keep the same layout; she wanted to give her kitchen a new look and have a lively green colour pallet with some details of pink and tan throughout the area.  


We painted the main walls in deep green, kept her kitchen carcase and painted it white, then replaced the doors and drawers with new glossy white doors and drawers. We also replaced the countertop with a white marble effect countertop and left a few centimetres out in order to create a breakfast bar effect. For her dinning set, we chose to use a corner bench set in tan leather, which matches the tan leather bar stools, and we chose a small glass top table with a cone black steel leg. We also added a small rug to this corner. 


For the Livingroom, we replaced her old red sofas with deep green sofas and positioned her entertainment set to a corner. A large rug was added to this area, and some datils of pink around the accessories, such as puffs, throws and art wall. An Indoor plant wall was also added to the space. The shopping list came to a total of £4,890. Click the arrow bellow to see before. 

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