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For this client, the livingroom was an important space as this is where she spends most of her time with her husband and pets. She wanted this room to be colourful and cosy and have different corners assigned to everyone. 


We went with a pale green for the fireplace walls as well as the corner under the stairs; we also added some details of pink, to include her favourite peach armchair set. We placed the sofa in the centre of the living room, as this allows her full view of the two DIY crafted IKEA Hols made into cages for her two rabbits, and these were placed in each side of the fireplace. Under the stairs we have the reading/ puppy corner, this is where they keep their puppy’s bed and toys, allowing some separation between their puppy and their rabbits. The shopping list came to a total of £2,380. Click the arrow bellow to see before. 

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