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Mayara Nazario



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Mayara Nazario, originally from Brazil and with an Italian descent, is a bilingual student who holds a BA in Interior Architecture and Design. During her MA, she focused on becoming self-sufficient during a world-wide pandemic, and did so by thoroughly researching the e-Design service method that is so common amongst larger interior design organisations.

“Large interior design companies have taken the e-design approach for years! It is very clever, as their normal rate and/or ideal projects would be focused on commercial scenarios, they also offer this service on the side as a way to reach out to those individuals who would want to hire them for smaller and/or cheaper projects.”

“e-Design is a virtual design process where Interior Design services and all communications between client and designer are done via e-mail, phone calls and video chats. This process allows the designer to offer these services throughout the country and, the service itself is reduced to a smaller rate than usual; clients can get their room designed for £200 per room! This is more of a hands-on approach for the client though, as they are required to take measurements of the space for the designer at the beginning of the project, and once the project is finalised, the client will do the shopping, painting and assorting of the space while following the designer’s instructions, which would be included in the final design package”

From her research, Maya has developed a brand and a business plan, and by focusing on what she would be able to offer as a service, and offering these through an online platform,  LITTLE HOME INTERIORS was born.

‘What do I bring to the table, you ask? Well, since this is an e-Design service, I will save you time and money. I will understand your style and make a plan around your budget. I will create you a personalised shopping list in order to make your designing journey as easy as possible, and I will deliver stunning renders for you to visualise your space beforehand.

I will also check in with you throughout the whole process as I want to make sure you love what I am offering. I possess a trained eye and a creative mind, so you can surely expect the WOW factor on your finished project; and when I say ‘finished’, I mean from pillows and curtains to wall art and scented candles – To me, every detail counts when designing your dream space.’

As one of her final outcomes for her MA project, Maya has worked alongside the Hallam Enterprise Team, and developed a professional website for the LITTLE HOME INTERIORS brand. Details of Maya's previous work, packages and prices as well as contact information can we found at


Bedroom project - 3D render.


Open-plan project- 3D render.


Kitchen project- 3D render.


Home office project- 3D render.

render 2.png

Game room project- 3D render.


Conservatory project- 3D render.


Walk-in closet project- 3D render.

Open-plan project- 360 Panorama.

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