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This client lives with his parents and wanted to re-design his room in order to feel like he had a more personalised corner to go to. His room is quite dark due to low lighting as well as dark carpet and dark furniture items. He also wanted the space to feel more open; to make the place more colourful, and he loves the colour purple.


We moved the furniture around, and his bed is now next to the entrance door, and we painted the walls on a plum purple shade, which provided the room with an exciting personality – quite like the client himself! We also went for an over-the-bed storage unit, which helps freeing up space. This unit also has mirrored doors and drawers, helping the travel of light around the space. We then chose an entertainment unit for the opposite wall, and this also serves as a chest of drawers and additional storage. And finally, we decided on a sitting corner - perfect for chilling around and listening to some good old records - this corner has also been fixed with a total of 35 small mirrors, creating a mirrored-wall effect. We then added a second source of light next to the entertainment unit and completed the look with accents of green and gold. The shopping list came to a total of £2,032. Click the arrow bellow to see before. 

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