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When designing the master bedroom, this client wanted the room to be more minimal, allowing plenty of walking space around the furniture items. Additionally, she wanted the colour navy-blue to be dominant within the décor, a bit of storage closer to the bed, a beauty corner and a little area to keep the puppy’s bed. 


The outcome consists of the two main walls being navy blue, as painting all the walls would make the room darker; a beauty corner where we used a shelf as a ‘floating desk’ and a stool, which can be tucked under when not being used. A king-sized bed and bed side tables, as well as a storage unit - this unit has been placed above a table in order to lift it from the ground and avoid the access to it for the puppy. We decided to add some drama to the room, with a colourful curtain and some details of green and gold. The shopping list came to a total of £815. Click the arrow bellow to see before. 

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